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The Workgroup for Safe Markets

We are a national collaborative of groups working to shift the market away from hazardous chemicals and toward safer chemicals and products. Together, we can protect our families and create a healthier, cleaner economy that works for all. On this website, you'll learn:


What’s New

  • New study from NRDC: 45 chemicals in dust--some are linked to cancer, hormone disruption, or decreased sperm quality. Infants and young children are most at risk, as they play on the floor, crawl around, put their hands in their mouths. #toxicdust

  • KUNM News Story:  Shoppers Urge Dollar Stores To Go Nontoxic.

  • New report finds BPA in 67% of food cans tested. ALL lab tested Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar,  99 Cents Only bean and tomato cans had toxic BPA. Find out if this toxic chemical is lurking in your food:

  • Hackensack University Medical Center is taking steps with American Sustainable Business Council to eliminate toxics and replace them with safer alternatives. Take a look here.

  • Dollar store deals: Study shows many bargain items may be hazardous to your health.