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The Workgroup for Safe Markets

We are a national collaborative of groups working to shift the market away from hazardous chemicals and toward safer chemicals and products. Together, we can protect our families and create a healthier, cleaner economy that works for all. On this website, you'll learn:


What’s New

  • VICTORY! SC Johnson Will Stop Keeping Fragrance Secrets!  Learn about the amazing, market-moving campaign here.

  • New Testing Reveals Hidden Dangerous Chemicals in Popular Halloween Costumes and "Trick or Treat" Bags.  Are you about to purchase toxic products?  Find out here.

  • Couches Without Toxic Flame Retardants – Coming Soon to a Major Retailer Near You!  Read the blog.  

  • How market leaders like Apple are opening up about what chemicals are in their products.  Read the article.

  • Italian Fashion Brands Sign Up to Greenpeace Detox Campaign.  Find out who, and how it will impact the market here.



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