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The Workgroup for Safe Markets

We are a national collaborative of groups working to shift the market away from hazardous chemicals and toward safer chemicals and products. Together, we can protect our families and create a healthier, cleaner economy that works for all. On this website, you'll learn:


What’s New

  • Towards non-toxic healthcare: Health Care Without Harm Europe reports on alternatives to phthalates and BPA in medical devices.  Read the press release and the report.  

  • Deep Clean: What the cleaning industry should be doing to protect your health.  Read the new report by Women's Voices for the Earth.  Then take action to tell SC Johnson to "Deep Clean" its chemical screening standards!

  • Home Depot Says It Will Phase Out Chemical Used in Vinyl Flooring.  Read the NY Times article.  

  • 5 essential practices help assure safer chemicals in products, a GreenBiz blog by National Co-Coordinator of the Workgroup for Safe Markets, Bev Thorpe.

  • New Report Finds 81% of Dollar Store Products Tested Contain One or More Hazardous Chemicals Linked to Learning Disabilities, Cancer & Other Serious Illnesses.  Read the news release.  Learn more about the report.



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